Breaking News: KKY Will Step Down Soon

For those of us who know and respect international conventions, we know that if you serve the World Bank, UN or International NGOs you must keep your political views private and you cannot openly engage in public political events. So KKY is respecting those norms and has not attended any of the KKYM events so far. What is fascinating is the fact that though he has not declared yet, his support base is expanding day by day. People want a new political culture in Sierra Leone, and they want leaders who respect constitutional order and international norms. Hence, each event we organize, or others where KKY is a keynote speaker, tickets are always sold out. We are all inspired by an idea and a man whose time has come.
The best part of the UK event was when Mrs Yumkella disclosed, for the first time in public, that KKY has given notice to the UN that he is coming home in 2015. YES!! HIS CANDIDACY IS REAL!! 
Here is an excerpt of Madam Yumkella's remarks. 
"Our country and our people are going through very difficult times as they try to cope with the Ebola crisis. We mourn those who have lost their lives. We also salute the brave heroes who lost their lives in trying to save and heal others.  We express our thanks to the government, local community leaders, civil society and the international community for their concerted effort to defeat Ebola".
"We feel humbled that Kandeh's work around the world and in Sierra Leone has inspired so many of you. Thank you for giving time over the past two years to create this formidable movement that now has close to 20 thousands followers in social media (facebook, Whatsapp and various chat rooms on the web). several chapters in many locations around the world, and a very strong presence in all regions of Sierra Leone. Thank you for remaining steadfast in spite of the challenges and intimidation. All of this attention should embolden you, and give you the confidence that you are on the right path and that you are succeeding".
"Kandeh has never had to rely on name recognition or who his parents are to get ahead. What has mattered is whether he had something to offer, what are the results or outcomes of his work, and did the programmes/projects/actions made a difference in people's lives. He believes in accountability and has worked in a culture and context were he had to report to boards and budget committees at least twice a year. He has enforced internal control measures including independent internal and external auditors to monitor performance, results-based management and ensure value-for-money. As Director General, Kandeh managed an operation of about half a billion dollars which is about the annual budget of Sierra Leone". 
"Finally, I assure you that Kandeh has already  informed the UN that he intends to step down from (a very successful international career), to return home in 2015 to serve our people. This plan WILL NOT CHANGE. Kandeh views himself as a servant of the people; hence,  he has not been boastful about his accomplishments or what he has done for the SLPP (which his father and family have served for over half a century). At the same time, Kandeh is not intimidated by those who are violent or abuse his person. He always reminds me that his father never yielded under almost three decades of human rights challenges, assassination attempts and repeated incarcerations in Mafanta and Pademba Road  (for his support to SLPP)."
"By the Grace of the Almighty, in just a few more months, Kandeh will join you to go village by village, district by district with a message of hope, possibilities and transformation.  Let us prepare to receive him well and show what "people-power" and "we-the-people" can triumph over many obstacles. We must say no to those who will use violence and intimidation in an attempt to deny us our right to join any party, (at anytime) as we exercise our freedom of association enshrined in our constitution.  We must each be ready to  go beyond talk, we must stand up and march for our freedom, the integrity of our electoral processes, and our belief that our children deserve better.  We must be ready to regularly march in Salone, Washington, New York and London, so that in the end our children and grand children can live and walk in a free, fair, just, tolerant and inclusive society".
"I leave you with a quote from Mahatma Ghandi
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win". 
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The closest confidants and REAL First Lady in waiting Mrs. Philomena Yumkella has made the disclosure.

By Donald Roberts