Introducing 5 Fundamental Principles of KKYM and Philosophy

Guiding principles
Our leader Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella will most certainly embrace and uphold as a moral and political philosophy with the people of Sierra Leone.

1. Open, inclusive, accountable, transparent government and society that respects the rule of law, fundamental human rights and constitutional order.

2. Sound fiscal principles to ensure a strong, robust and diversified economy and structural transformation to ensure creation of wealth and decent jobs.

3. Empower our youths especially with literacy and employable skills to ensure they realize their full potential in society.

4. Promote social justice and progress including investments in education, health, agriculture and women's economic empowerment.

5. Facilitate open governance and greater involvement of all citizens to promote efficiency and better delivery of public services.

I'm sure you must be thinking about the HOW. Stay tuned for more details....