Kandeh K. Yumkella Appeals to Countries to Step Up Efforts to Combat Ebola

His remit as an international diplomat doesn’t usually include public health issues. But as a Sierra Leonean he is very concerned about the pace of the international response to the Ebola epidemic which is quickly becoming a global crisis. This is why in three consecutive days, KKY has appeared on three major International news channels (CNN, SKY News, Aljazeera) appealing to the international community to do more to help contain the spread of Ebola, and urged countries not to shut their borders. Almost $1 billion (£620m) is needed to contain the Ebola epidemic, KKY has vowed  to continue his advocacy to help raise the funds. It shows that as a global leader, when the world needs ideas, they call our own man KKY. KKY is above the fray, and this is the kind of national and global leader, we need in the 21st century for our beloved Sierra Leone.  

Click on the links below to view each interview.

CNN International-  http://connecttheworld.blogs.cnn.com/2014/10/12/yumkella-we-are-failing-against-ebola/
SKY News:  http://youtu.be/BPysh-Lnsww
Aljazeera News Hour: http://youtu.be/OP63Cxr7-bI
Kandeh Yumkella Interview - Energy's Role In Fighting Ebola: http://www.se4all.org/2014/10/19/qa-kandeh-yumkella-energys-role-fighting-ebola/