Kandeh K. Yumkella Give Back Initiative (GBI)

"NA DIS NORMOR"? Well, another almost Quarter Million Dollars for Ebola. (Talk Back Nor)
Kandeh K. Yumkella Give Back Initiative (GBI)
"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."
On my last post, I highlighted Dr. Yumkella and his wife Philo mobilized over a ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00) of medicines  for Catholic Relief and Caritas Sierra Leone and Liberia to provide relief for the medical institutions after the brutal wars. 

Couple weeks ago it was another HALF A MILLION DOLLARS ($500,000.00) grant he helped secured through DFID and OPEC to fight Ebola. Not to mention his other additional continued personal and family contributions.  See OPEC article.

I will be remiss if I don't include the much talked about Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella Movement (KKYM) team that was released from the Diaspora to work with our KKYM partners on the ground to deliver food, supplies and money right in the epicenter of the disease for Kailahun and Kenema.

These are all good. In anticipation and knowing that Kandeh Yumkella is perhaps one if the few patriotic Sierra Leoneans that have the wherewithal to drive and push needed help to our nation, I asked on my last article "tomorrow the question is WHATS NEXT?"

Another brother Josie Coker tried to inject political comparison with other potential candidates after highlighting what some have contributed asking "NA DIS NORMOR"?
Well Kandeh Yumkella continues to listen and hear the cry for much more needed help from various constituencies. I say well, here is another ALMOST Quarter Million Dollars ($200,000.00)

KKY, will continue to seek assistance from personal friends and international donor communities to contain this epidemic.

As a continued full disclosure the KKYM choose not to play politics around this national crisis and the above update should in no way be construed as political.

 photo: WHO/S. Saporito