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Why Kandeh Yumkella?
By Stephen Fomba
Why do the people prefer Yumkella, you want to know?
He is God-chosen, people-loved, and with him Sierra Leone will grow.
Beautiful nation, yet we lack so much—you know the story.
So, for better days, we need a leader that can bring us glory;
One with experience, leadership qualities, and a can-do attitude.
Kandeh Yumkella is the best person to help us reach that altitude.
Who is better qualified than Yumkella, name me one?
Wait. Think, think…. Don’t you agree there are none?
Yes, indeed our country has many competent individuals,
But our people deserve the best in State House, not just any individual.
We need a leader that can turn things around and give us what we deserve;
Yumkella will do just that; he will lead to protect and serve.
Man of Energy is what people call him globally,
Simply because he does not take his duties lightly.
He has excelled and achieved more than the others; not even comparable.
From academia to UN, world stage, his legacy is admirable.
The most internationally recognized Sierra Leonean, highly respected.
With his character and expertise; to lead us, Yumkella is the most accepted.
Hand-picked by the world to bring the world light,
He will do even more to make Sierra Leone shine bright;
Take away our sorrows and darkness and bring us tangible changes.
Like: infrastructural development, and good jobs with better wages.
He will stand against nepotism and tribalism; he will not fail.
Corruption he will tackle; the Rule of Law will prevail.
Education he will prioritize along with economic development;
Promote equality for all, including youth and women empowerment.
Our healthcare will improve; he will modernize the system;
Properly manage our resources and protect the ecosystem.
Yumkella will increase agricultural production to alleviate hunger;
Build local markets and empower the local farmer.
Yumkella is here to bring us change and heal our pain;
The others are unqualified and here for their own gain.
Man of the people; he strongly believes in bipartisanship.
Yumkella is Qualified, Tested, Trusted, and Endorsed Leadership.
Unity, peace, justice, prosperity, and democracy he shall foster.
So, why Yumkella? Yumkella is the Answer. 


President Ernest Bai Koroma said:
“If we are here, we have to start by extending our gratitude to UNIDO. It was a team of engineers from UNIDO led by Dr. Yumkella that brought it to our attention that we can use our river at Bankasoka to generate energy to supply Port Loko district. Today, we are happy and proud that UNIDO is being represented here at the highest level comprising of the Director General who is our own son and brother." Comment By EBK


President Ernest Bai Koroma said:
“We in Sierra Leone are very happy with the work that UNIDO is doing in our country. As an organization, UNIDO has helped us in so many things. We are happy that our brother, Dr. Yumkella is leading this organization with distinction. We are very proud of his leadership and for proudly flying our flag. We extend our deepest gratitude for all he does for us and around the world and we wish him the very best always.” Comment By EBK


Dr. Sama Banya said:
"My young nephew – Kandeh Yumkella, if he chooses, could ignore the unpleasant names that he may have been called recently, and play a direct role in the reconciliation process. And believe me, Kandeh could do this equally, without losing his right to contest any future leadership position within the party. In the meantime, I would advise the young man to also ignore the murmuring, that he is not a registered member of the party. Those who are engaging in that speculation, have not stopped to wonder that he is currently an international public servant. And in any case, have such people bothered to ask themselves whether Kandeh Yumkella is not in fact registered in a’ nom du plume’? Comment By Dr Banya (Puawi)


Dr. Kadi Sesay said:
"Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella descends from a line of African chiefs both from his maternal side and paternal side. In our culture, such men are born to do great things. However, in this case, we knew he will reach higher heights because on his own, he has always demonstrated sound judgement and a dedication of excellence both in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world." Comment By Dr. Kadi Sesay​


President Ahmad Tejan Kabba said:
In Dr. Yumkella "Sierra Leone has demonstrated that yes small is beautiful and small is also intellectually powerful." Comment By Pa. Kabba


Adams Kuyateh said:
"Last December i was in my home town (Kambia) i was happy to see that Dr Kandeh Yumkella had provide solar energy supply for all houses, school,community centers and all religious places. My grandmother told me that they were given the light free of cost and that they only pay a fee of lea1000 monthly for repairs. Thank you Doctor for a job well done, come 2018 you shall surely be in state house.” Comment By Adams Kuyateh



Clifford Deen said:
"...this is the enigma of the Man Kandeh, what we know already is that he has brand Sierra Leone as a nation to the world through his professional life. Sierra Leone is one land mass in this overall global world which has benefit from his professional life. One thing I hope you will agree with me is that nothing is more fulfilling to any individual than the satisfaction that he or she is able to make some difference to their homeland with the backing of a huge financial and human resource at their disposal" Comment By Clifford Deen


Mohammed Barrie said:
"Very impressive leader and a true Sierra Leonean to be proud of ...... His contribution to the UN speaks for itself, a resume all Sierra Leoneans share in the international world with high praise. Am happy he is a frequenter now home. Am sure he feels its time to be home and take up on issues he cherish to engage with his people and COUNTRY” 

​Dawah Sesekoker said:
“Of course Donald Roberts with pleasure ! Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is a very rare breed of a real Patriot, in a class of his own . Very few illustrious sons/daughters of the soil have shown the courage and self-sacrifice he would show professional / career wise , if he indeed makes his intentions known publicly in vying for the highest office in the land .
a) The World is his oyster
b) Meet enough World Leaders to amount of influence and affluence
c) Down to Earth and humble
d) Family man and a true God loving man
e) Has a focused and determined mind
f) Goal oriented
g) Very competitive {my personal experience with him in class}
I can go on and on but the above alone, renders a raise of the bar in a society of hopelessness and despair."
Comment By Dawah Sesekoker


John Ganda-Controversial said:
 “Kandeh Yumkella is the man to beat. Most of the people I have spoken to about the guy have nothing to say but all good. If this guy choses to run, I believe he will win. I like the guy but I will not spend my time on facebook promoting any candidate. I promote system building not people. The guy is well balanced and exposed.” Comment By John Ganda


Alieu Koroma said:
 “Next President ....Period and don't care which of our pathetic politics party colours" Comment By Alieu Koroma


Cyril Jengo Snr said:
 “I like the summary of the persona of this man. I am coming to trust him and may pitch tent with him when I know his economic blueprint for our battered economy” Comment By Cyril Jengo Snr


Issa Osman Kargbo said:
Dr. Kandeh, is honest, competent, forward-looking, inspiring, intelligent, fair-minded, broad minded, courageous, straightforward, and imaginative. His leadership style in the international arena is one of the most effective and has created higher productivity. DR WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!” Comment By Issa Osman Kargbo


Jonathan Kurabu said:
“The era for.change has finally come to every patriotic sons and daughters of mama Salone. We should embrace one another to ensure that our long envisaged hope of political libration is ushered in democratically via our spotless political commodity, KANDEH K YUMKELA". Comment By Jonathan Kurabu


​Fatmata Kamara said:
 "If the rest of the world trusts him to turn the light on, how about us, his own brothers and sisters? We must consolidate our ideas on the future of our beloved country and ensure that we have Dr. Yumkella as our leader after this regime. Let us join hands to support this candidate and ensure that he emerges as a Presidential candidate in 2017, we all register to vote, and express our political will as one, that he does become our President. Can you imagine what Sierra Leone will become under his leadership? I fully believe that he has what it takes to take care of all seven million of us: the victims of war, disadvantaged women, children, young boys, the unemployed, the ageing." Comment By Fatmata Kamara


Mohamed Sesay said:
"Transformation to a tropical paradise. KKY is the key to unlock the future of that impoverished nation. Popularity alone will not do it. It  requires experience, vision, technology and men with the guts to do the right thing irrespective of tribe.region or creed." Comment By Mohamed Sesay USA


Jimmy Kandeh said:
"We are going to take our country back" Comment By Prof. Jimmy Kandeh USA.


Kevin Kingsley-Williams said:
"Not bad at all. KKY shows an impressive grasp of the crisis and can cite meaningful statistics about the gaps in funding and the trends in new and confirmed cases. This has been absent from interviews with the sitting president and the Minister of Health"


 Ali Imnlove Bangura said:
"Kudos Mr. Yumkella.. For once we have someone who can articulate to the world what Sierra Leone is going through, and the need for urgency in combating the ebola disease."


Ibrahim Yasorie Sillah said
"This is a man that looks like he is doing his homework . unlike the so call minister who does not know what is going on in S/L Kandeh is not in government yet the world rely upon him for information. Yet this is the man those who don't care about Sierra Leone are saying this man does not know Sierra Leone. What a load of tosh." 


Clifford Mohammed Deen said:
"Finally you direct us your readers to his astute awareness of the current logistic and funding gap in the fight to tackle and turn around the fortune in subduing and eradicate the virus once and for all. This for me shows a man who has an holistic approach to problem solving and confidence in articulating clearly,  precisely and authoritatively on the subject matters. He inspired confidence in not only us Sierra Leoneans as genuinely representing our concerns but also our international partners who identify that he is a man that they can do amicable and equitable business with." 

James Moiwo-Gbundema said:


Genesis Ggreybo said: 
"The man's a leading light for our embattled land. I am not ashamed to 'nick' some of the glory. May God preserve him."


Mike Mattia said: 
"He's more preferable to me, irrespective of party line"